A collection of books and videos for those that want to go deeper

A few resources that can help you learn more about essential oils and their uses


Healing oils of the bible

Did you know that in the Bible there are over 1000 references to Essential Oils and/or the plants they are derived? 

The Healing Oils of the Bible is a great introduction to the biblical evidence for essential oils and their application for today.


Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

NEW EDITION FOR 2019! Includes 16 new emotions and 6 new essential oils! 

Clear stagnant emotional blocks and patterns is easy using essential oils. Emotions are stored at a cellular level in specific organs within the body and they must be cleared at this level in order to be released.

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Essential Oils Ancient Medicine

Dr. Josh Axe is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionalist. Essential oils ancient medicine has:

  • 500+ pages of essential oil tips
  • Step-by-step guides showing you how to use more than 50 of the top essential oils
  • Full-colour, step-by-step recipes and natural cures.