Green Laser


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The Safe Connect Plus+ ® Green Laser provides cutting edge Laser Therapy & Bio Energetic Technologies that will penetrate and permeate any area of your body to promote support for glands, organs, joints, muscles, tendons, back problems, your central nervous system, your circulatory system and so much more! Using Nano Crystalline Technology, and an advanced encoding system with very specific sound and light waves, the Laser is embedded and encoded with over 240+ resonant frequencies that will work much like a “tuning fork” to bring about more energy, balance and relief for your body and your pets as well. There is a clear understanding in physics that all matter has oscillations, particular waves, or frequencies. We use a proprietary blend of resonant harmonic frequencies formulated by scientists, quantum physicists, doctors, and healthcare practitioners. This formulated blend of harmonic frequencies is then encoded into the Nano Crystalline Technology used in all of our EMF shielding products and lasers.
Suggested areas to apply laser:
  • The thyroid (small circular clockwise motion)
  • The navel area (small circular clockwise motion)
  • Any area of pain (small circular clockwise motion)
  • The ears (Back & forth paint strokes to cover area)
  • The pulse points on the wrists (small circular clockwise motion)
  • The bottoms of the feet (Back & forth paint strokes to cover area)
  • The entire spine (Begin at the base moving in a small circular clockwise motion up to the top of the head)


We strongly recommend using high quality batteries and changing the batteries often for best results.

(Specifications – Wavelength: 532nm (Green) Output Power: 5mW Batteries: 2 AAA Dimensions: 7 inches in length,1/2 inch diameter)

Estimated delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Green Laser

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