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Essential oils are a miracle of creation. These health promoting and life-sustaining aromatic liquids are extracted from plants, carefully preserving the wealth of natural constituents inside. Every plant has unique properties and benefits, making essential oils a safe, natural way to contribute towards your wellness goals.

Essential Oils & Young Living

Used throughout history, essential oils have had many different applications. On our own journey of using the oils, we have begun to use them across many different areas of our lives from flavouring drinking water to replacing our toothpaste to house hold cleaning products and much more – all using nature’s solutions.

Here at Abundant Living Oils, we use Young Living Essential Oils. We love their seed to seal approach which is their commitment to unmatched quality through rigorous quality control standards to help ensure their products meet strict specifications. 

Started in 1993 by Gary Young, Young Living provide not only  essential oils but supplements, day to day household products and more.

Join us now to discover a life of wellness using natural sources.



Not just Essential Oils

A Wide Range Of Lifestyle Products To Support Your Journey To Abundant Living

Essential Oils Singles and Blends

Thieves based products – a natural anti-bacterial for cleaning

High quality supplements enhanced with Essential Oils

Bath and body personal care products

Savvy Minerals Mineral Based Cosmetics

Slique & Ningxia – products for Weight Management and Wellness Support

Seedlings range – products that are safe for babies

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